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Dear True Blood…

You have given me 7 wonderful years of escape from reality. You were one of my top 5 shows ever. You gave me wonderful stories and always kept me on the edge of my seat. You made me excited and captivated with baited breath, for the next episode, the nest season.
I will never forget you.
But as for the series finale, I only have one thing to say…

To quote Regina from Mean Girls:



One of my friends from work is also a huge Whovian.

I watched the episode at home, and he at the theater.

I posted on facebook that I thought the new episode was really great and that I wouldnt post any spoilers.

He commented a few moments ago:

"…..we will talk soon"

and that’s all he said.

This thrills and amuses me so much, you have no idea. Because it means his brains went kablooey over the whole thing!

I really cant wait to hear his theories.

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